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About us is a professional Philippine online casino comparison and review site. Our team works in the interests of the players to give them the most complete information about the gambling industry in the Philippines that meets the standards of fair play. Here you can read more about us.

We review the best gaming operators in the market. So that players can choose the best deals and games for themselves while enjoying the game.

The experts of our site carefully select information and impartially write reviews of campaigns, comparing conditions, bonuses, games and online casino requirements.

On our site you will find game reviews, comparison tables and game tips, which will be the best navigator for you in the world of Philippine iGaming.

In our work, we focus on the following principles:

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  4. The principle of responsible gaming.
  5. Respect for the players and respect for their interests.
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Our team is actively working on a daily basis to write the best online casino reviews. To write a review, we collect all available information, based on facts, and work only with verified data. We are solely interested in the fact that the players were aware and played responsibly.

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